Wordpress for Small Business

WordPress Services & Support for Small Business

WordPress Services & Support for Small Business

Welcome to WordPress for Small Business! WordPress has always been a passion of mine and is my go-to solution for any web projects I want to create. I strongly believe this powerful platform can not only help your business, but also help your work flow as well. There are many powerful tools and plugins you can add to any WordPress site to make 100% yours with extremely powerful functionality. Anyone can get started with WordPress, and I’m here with you every step of the way! I try to keep my prices low so small business owners can have me as a resource whenever they need!

I offer different levels of support across different platforms to best suit the needs of busy entrepreneurs. I offer these services on-the-spot or through subscription if you need support on-hand. This is the best option for users that would like to learn about how WordPress works for themselves. If you are in need of a developer or designer to create/update/maintain your WordPress site, please see the options in the next section.

WordPress Help & Support Services

Wordpress Email Support

► Email Support

Do you have a quick question or need to be pointed in the right direction? Go ahead and send me an email and ask any question you want! Questions are $5 each and I will respond within 24-48 hours.

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Wordpress Live Chat Support

► Live Chat

Do you need WordPress support via Live Chat? Book time with me to go over issues or questions through #Slack. You can book my time in 15-minute increments or subscribe to 24/7 hour access to be lifeline channel.

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Wordpress Live Meeting Support

► WebEx Meeting

Meet with me over WebEx, a free meeting platform that allows us to share our screens, talk, and record. Book for 30 minute increments to troubleshoot, explain/teach WordPress, etc.

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WordPress Design & Development Services

Wordpress Theme Services

► Theme Customization/Setup

This option is for site owners who already have a theme, but need it customized/setup for your particular business. I bill hourly and will provide an estimate based on the work you are inquiring about.

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Wordpress Plugin Services

► Plugin Customization/Setup

This option is for users who have recently downloaded or purchased a plugin and need help installing onto your website, implementing it within a theme, etc. I complete development tasks on a per hour basis and will provide an estimate.

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Graphic Design Resources

► Graphic/Logo Design

I offer a range of graphic design services at a per-project cost and have a 24-48 hour turn-around-time. If you need custom lettering, logos, images, or photos I can help! Check out my graphic design options to get started.

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Joshua Ballard

Hello! My name is Joshua and I am a designer, hiker, photographer, entrepreneur, artist, blogger and WordPress expert currently living in beautiful Seattle, WA. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and love helping small business owners with creative tasks. There is a world of endless possibilities if you are willing to work for it and give it your all. I have a true passion for creativity and business, and I’m excited to share that passion with you! Learn More »