Wordpress for Small Business

About Joshua

Hello! Welcome to WordPress for Small Business. My name is Joshua Ballard and I live in Seattle, WA,. I have been using WordPress since the early 2000s when blogging was a new emerging technology and for the past three years I’ve been teaching classes and helping small businesses create a WordPress site. Back in the day I was part of a community of a small group of young people trying to navigate the new world-wide web and explore it’s possibilities. Everything had to be hand-coded in HTML, and CSS was a while a way from being accessible to the general public.

When we wanted to create a blog, we would have to edit an HTML file by hand to update with a new “post” and there was no backend or dashboard to create content. Things have certainly changed since those days and now creating a website is accessible to everyone and even the smallest of businesses can have a presence online. Not only is WordPress a powerful tool to easily manage and create a site, but it can also be customized to help in all areas of your business.

I’m currently writing how-to book for small business owners on how to create a WordPress site from start to finish, and in the meantime I want to extend my services to business owners all over the world. I really love WordPress and I love helping people establish themselves in the new marketplace. Let’s work together to create a site that you are proud of and can easily maintain!