Wordpress for Small Business

WordPress Help & Support Services

Wordpress Help & Support Services

► Email Support

Do you have a quick question or need to be pointed in the right direction? Go ahead and send me an email and ask any question you want! Questions are $5 each and I will respond within 24-48 hours.

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► Live Chat

Do you need WordPress support via Live Chat? Book time with me to go over issues or questions through #Slack. You can book my time in 15-minute increments or subscribe to 24/7 hour access to be lifeline channel.

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► WebEx Meeting

Meet with me over WebEx, a free meeting platform that allows us to share our screens, talk, and record. Book for 30 minute increments to troubleshoot, explain/teach WordPress, etc.

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WordPress Design & Development Services

► Theme Customization/Setup

This option is for site owners who already have a theme, but need it customized/setup for your particular business. I bill for this type of work hourly and will provide an estimate based on the work you are inquiring about.

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► Plugin Customization/Setup

This option is for users who have recently downloaded or purchased a plugin and need help installing onto your website, implementing it within a theme, etc. I complete development tasks on a per hour basis and will provide an estimate.

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► Graphic/Logo Design

I offer a range of graphic design services at a per-project cost and have a 24-48 hour turn-around-time. If you need custom lettering, logos, images, or photos I can help! Check out my graphic design options to get started.

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